Scott Milne Audio

Very pleased with my results this year.

An A for Dissertation, Personal Employability Strategy, Sound Design for Interactive Media and Creative Media Applications as well as a B for Advanced Systems Design. Very happy! Hopefully that is a first class honours!

Guest speaker at Perth College today is Chris Van Der Kuyl, one of lead the developers for XBLA version of Minecraft. If your interested come down and have a listen to what he has to say regarding getting started in the games industry.

Have to say after looking at what Ravenna networks can do, and in particular Merging’s Horus unit, I don’t see why anyone would use anything other than it. The more I hear about it the more I want one! Especially after getting to see it today at the college.

So just one month and a bit left to finish off all the rest of my degree work. On track just now so all is well! Then it’s out into the big bad world.

One flight down. Got a few hours to hang about in Hong Kong then on to Paris then Edinburgh then bed!!! Need to be up and about for college tomorrow… that will be a challenge I think.

Apologies for the lack of posts I have been running about with hardly any time to spare. I will write a full detailed post about each of my days here later in the week.

First day observing the inner workings of the TV3 studio and it was amazing! Got to see how it all works together; audio, directors, producers, journalists the whole lot it was amazing then got to spend 6-7 in the audio suite in the studio watching the mixing of the live news. Was great to actually be in a working environment and see how everything I have learned over the years actually works in practice in a larger setting than anything back home I’ve been involved in.

Completely underestimated how much I would be affected by the jet lag. It 6am and my body says its tea time soon. Thankfully Daniel Grimshaw, who is managing all my placement while I’m here, has changed it so my first shift is an afternoon one as this will give me plenty of time to catch up on sleep and find out where I am meant to be. First main thing I get to do is observe the sound engineers on the set for the 6 o’clock news which will be live. Really excited!

Arrived in New Zealand safely with pretty easy flights on the way over. Start my placement tomorrow thankfully as I’m feeling the jet lag catching up with me today. Only landed a few hours ago anyway.

Have just finished my submission of my synopsis for a paper I wish to undertake for the AES 134th Convention in Rome this May. It ties in with my dissertation work and my dissertation supervisor will be working with me on it so I’m really looking forward to working with him. I think it’s a good chance to work on research out with college even if it is a similar field I am looking into. Will post at the start of March when I find out if it was accepted.